KLM B787 on YouTube (Infinite Flight) [Not real]

I found this video on youtube:

is that real?


I think so but first I watch the video

what is his source

Feb 17, 2016 that’s the date of the upload the last update on android was march 6 2016.

It might be a fake livery that others make. Ive seen them before.


It’s a custom livery which is illegal to do as it breaks FDS Rules & Regulations


This could have some legal actions by FDS we have to stop the piracy!


i highly doubt the livery would have been made before the physics were reworked and judging for when it was announced and this videos release date it doesn’t add up.

Piracy? This is just people trying out photoshopping.

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No, they actually do modify the liveries…


I consider that photoshop is a piracy form because you’re modifying the original photo or document violating the author’s rights. In other words the person who edited and made a film showing a “revamped” 787 in KLM’s livery modified an intelectual property of Flying Development Studio infringing the copyright .

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Well, the definition of piracy is:

  • The practice of attacking and robbing ships at sea.synonyms:robbery at sea, freebooting; historicalbuccaneering "piracy on the high seas"a practice similar to piracy but in other contexts, especially hijacking.“air piracy”
  1. The unauthorized use or reproduction of another’s work."software piracy"synonyms:illegal reproduction, plagiarism, illegal copying, copyright infringement, bootlegging, stealing, theft "software companies are reluctant to say how much piracy costs them"Originmid 16th century: via medieval Latin from Greek pirateia, from peiratēs (see pirate).Translate piracy toUse over time for: piracy
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As long as they don’t spread it…

Is in internet, it will be spread instantly… just let’s stop discussing this anymore ok?

Why would we? It’s not off topic…

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Is this from Matt?

No is not, just an amatuer in the internet photoshoped it


Oh that haha😂

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Not real. Look at the nose gear. It’s just a pole.

It’s the old 787 that we have now, just the KLM livery plastered on. That’s why the gear is wrong.