KLM B737-800 (New Livery) 100th Anniversary

Hello IFC!
I’m really excited for the 21.1 updates and Infinite Flight are doing an Awesome job. Now what i wanted to talk about is the KLM B737-800, its the most common aircraft and the best selling aircraft in the world we seen with many airline all around the world operates hundreds of them. And in the Infinite Flight KLM B737 800 is missing! Its a bit sad not to see the 800 variant because KLM have a lot of history with the B737 800 variant over the past few decade, and for now KLM has 31 B738 in service. If u would like to see this beauty fly in Infinite flight sky feel free to give a vote
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Aircraft Registration : PH-BCH
Photos Credit: Airplane Pictures

If You Don’t Know About KLM

If u want to See KLM Fleets

KLM 737-800 would be nice 🙂

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