KLM Asia Boeing 777-300ER

as global comes out i think the klm asia livery is a good idea!

It’s the same as we already have. Come on, man, you can of better than that!


Could someone rename it to ‘KLM Asia Boeing B777-300ER’?


I Just changed it! :)

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Very nice and modern.

It looks almost exactly like the regular livery

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Please give credit to the photographer and a link of where you got the image.

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It’s basically the same as we have now, no point in adding it

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It doesn’t matter if you fly on the B77W Asia livery. They are also flying to other continents.

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This is like saying the 737-700 is the same as the 737-800… It’s not, it’s different in a way no need to bash someone’s request.
Some people have requested the BA planes that have a different nose color any livery request is valid even if it’s only a tiny change