KLM Asia B777-200ER

Would love to see this in Infinite Flight
Picture isn’t mine, Credits to Charles Cunliffe
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What’s the point in adding a few words to a livery we already have? You wouldn’t notice the difference.


So you can fly to China.

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Not to China though. KLM Asia is based in Taiwan

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It lets the airline fly to mainland China and Taiwan.

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According to what I read, KLM Asia was set up so it can serve Taiwan without compromising its main airline’s destinations in the PRC as politically, the PRC and the ROC (Taiwan) do not recognize each other

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You can fly to China with normal KLM anyways.

Yes, mainline for mainland (PRC) and Asia for Taiwan

Then I doubt we need a new livery if it can only be used at Taipei and Amsterdam.

I guess so but even four letters can mean a lot tho… Plus KLM Asia does fly here to WSSS

On AMS-SIN-DPS route I think