KLM Announces Amsterdam To Austin



  • KLM will operate flights between Schiphol and Austin from 4 May 2020 on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays. These Airbus A330-300 flights offer 30 World Business Class seats, 40 Economy Comfort seats and 222 Economy class seats

  • KL0667 departs Schiphol at 12:40 hours and arrives at 16:10 local time in Austin (Austin-Bergstrom International Airport).

  • KL0668 departs Austin at 18:00 hours local time and arrives at Schiphol the next day at 10:25 hours.

Thanks to its relations with Delta and its Joint Venture, KLM will be able to fly here.

  • KLM has recently added Las Vegas and Boston to its network.

Congrats to KLM and AUS, @Suhas and I think @snoman are probably going crazy right now.


Ooh, new routes to fly!

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@Suhas, @snoman, @HelloSkyMan it’s started!!!


Finally, a new route from KLM! Glad to see there expanding!

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Omg guys this is HUGE!

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May 4, 2019 - May 4, 2020 is probably the best month ever for Austin because both Lufthansa and KLM will have started their flights to Austin


Also @Suhas @BadPlane @HelloSkyMan @Joshua_Kincheloe I think this is especially significant for 3reasons:

  1. Austin now has a TATL flight with OneWorld (BA), Star Alliance (Lufthansa), and now SkyTeam (KLM). They also have Norwegian

  2. I, and many others were expecting Delta to launch a long haul from Austin, and not one of its SkyTeam members. This means that Delta may still have something in the works (CDG or ICN) 😉!

  3. This announcement came just a few weeks after they announced the monetary incentives for AMS and other routes. This suggests these incentives are working!


DFW isn’t worthy? :/


Now we just have to wait for Amsterdam to San Jose ;)


Well the only reason Austin gets it is because of the Austin mini hub with delta


I’m rooting for you!

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Most likely not anymore.

KLM dropped DFW in… 2015 or 2016?

AA shortly replaced AMS with its own service. Not sure if DFW can sustain two AMS flights.

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They left in 2014.

AA kicks everyone out of KDFW. Oh, Air China wants to start service to DFW? No! AA increases ZBAA flights to twice daily.


Honestly I don’t get why other airlines even try to compete with AAL in DFW. They literally own the airport XD

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Not necessarily.

AA can’t just launch a second daily flight to Beijing (at the moment). They have to go through a long application process.

Currently, there’s only 7 weekly frequencies to Beijing that are open for U.S. carriers after AA ended its ORD-PEK route. I believe Delta and United have already expressed interest in the slot.

Although, this will change when Daxing opens.

Also, it looks like KLM axed DFW in December 2015.

It was sarcasm, but okay.

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My dad just told me this!!



Wish they came to RDU

Haven’t they flown to Austin before?

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They have not. SAS did for ACL tho