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Hello Earthlings, today I had an amazing day with the ATC being at my home airport I had a lot of options for routes.
Today I chose 2: Incheon-Amsterdam and Amsterdam-Düsseldorf.
The second one is really recommended for people who want landings really fast because when you reached cruise altitude you’ll have to descend already.

I’ll give you the flight information thingies as those are allowed:

Flight Information #1

aircraft: KLM 747-400
route: Seoul (Incheon)-Amsterdam (Schiphol)
flight time: long

Flight Information #2

aircraft: KLM 737-700
route: Amsterdam (Schiphol)-Düsseldorf
flight time: around 1 hour

Pictures #1

Did this route with: @Anshul28, @AExones and @Tsumia

Pictures #2

Did this route all by myself, was short but very fun with the ATC :)

I hope you liked them, have a pleasant day ☀️ :)

Bye 👋


Crosswind 100


Very good photos! I like the first photo on route 2 a lot! Just one problem.

I’m not an earthling because I’m from Mars

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Yeah, the crosswind was incredible 🤯

@Key welcome on Earth :)