KLM airplane names

The KLM airplanes has names! Only the cityhoppers has no names.

There is a list with the registration and name of airplanes that I flew.
The names are in Dutch and English.

Boeing 737-700/800/900 (Birds)
PH-BCD (Koperwiek/Redwing)
PH-BCE (Blauwborst/Bluethroat)
PH-BGA (Tureluur/Redshank)
PH-BGC (Pijlstaart/Pintail)
PH-BGH (Grutto/Godwit)
PH-BGI (Vink/Finch)
PH-BGM (Aalscholver/Cormorant)
PH-BXD (Arend/Eagle)
PH-BXE (Havik/Hawk)
PH-BXM (Kluut/Avocet)
PH-BXR (Nachtegaal/Nightingale)

Boeing 747-400 Combi (Cities)
PH-BFI (Jakarta/City of Jakarta)


All of JetBlue’s planes have nicknames that have the word Blue somewhere in the name (excepting mint A321s. They have Mint in place of Blue)

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Also Turkish Airlines gives her aircrafts names

I love British Airways Lee

amazing first class

To say the least, I’d expect them to name their planes as they’re paying millions of dollars for it. But KLM has some pretty cool airplane names!

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