KLM Aeroclub Cessna 172

As you’re probably aware I’ve made many C172 livery requests in the past, I do think the 172 is under appreciated and with a rework I would love to see some airline training liveries, this being one of my favourite.

No polls please.


Oh my… what!!! KLM has CESSNA 172’S?!?

What ?!?! KLM livery on Cessna 127 . awesome

That’s so noce!!!

Flight Attendant: Ladies and gentlemen welcome onboard KLM flight 1214 with nonstop service to New York from Amsterdam on this Cessna 172.

Passenger: I requested a flight change, but KLM cess na.

Lol. It’s a great livery, though.


Used for trainings, I believe.


Waaaaaww never knew that in this fleet they have they had C172s.

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Waaaaaaa? This is my new favourite 172 livery XD

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I didn’t know KLM has the Cessna 172!

@Jan you would like it!

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The KLM Aeroclub is located at EHLE and is a club of KLM professionals who turned their hobby into their day job but still also fly as a hobby.
They have 4 aircraft. This is their website. It’s in Dutch!


I like it! C172 should get more liveries, I agree. :)

Looks cool. but you know someone will use the super suffix for it.

I see what you did there

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