KLM Aeroclub Cessna 172

KLM Aeroclub is the «GA» part of the airline, and operates flights in Holland, mainly from Lelystad Airport. They have various GA-aircrafts such as Piper and Cessna aircrafts.
This request is for the Cessna 172 rework, and i would love to see this livery included in the rework!

Such an awesome looking plane! I have never heard of KLM Aeroclub!


KLM Aeroclub is a club/society for personel of KLM it self, but understood someday that everyone can join. (Or just started by personel of KLM, not sure anymore)

Hello there, you can vote here, the topic linked in the above has 05 votes. 🙂

Ohh i didnt find that…:/ guess i didnt look properly. This can be closed then