KLM Aeroclub Cessna 172

I would like the KLM Cessna 172 livery. It looks really good on the Cessna! I hope this comes with the rework/livery adding!

Credits: Erwin Van Hassel

If you like it please vote!

Thats real?!

Is it for training?


Yes Its real and it is for training I think!


Thats pretty cool! 👍

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most airlines have a training aircraft and a lot of them use c172 it would be crazy for infinite flight to add them all since most airlines only have about 20-30 of those training aircraft


No way!
Oh wait, yes way… 😂
That would be epic if the livery is added.
I’m all for this.

Yeah me too! Its really cool.

You have my vote sir.


That would be cool for VA’s! Unfortunately I don’t have any votes although I am all for the idea

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Thanks man! Really cool

Awesome all support is Good!

Wow, that’s definitely one of the nicest liveries I’ve seen on a C172!

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I dont’ know this C172, nice request!

Cool Thanks for the support! :)

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That’s really cool! I was expecting this topic to be about a make believe plane that you would request. I really love the originality on this request. Voted!

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Thanks man! I hope this wil come on the C172 so we can do real trainings!

Haha cute KLM
Used for Training ?

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Yes sir! Its really awesome

Bump 😉
Really love it

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I never knew this existed until today, pretty cool plane.

It would certainly be cool in the future if the Cessna were to be reworked with new liveries 🤞🏼