Klm a330-300 tncm > tncb

Hi there, haven’t posted any screenshot topics in a while, here are my pictures from the new update

Route: TNCM > TNCB
Flight Time: around 1 hour and a few minutes.
Server: Training
Aircraft: KLM A330-300


Taxiing to the runway with some others in the shot!

Who doesn’t love a good old blue KLM tail

Holding short while another A330 takes off.

Off I go!


Landing! (Tried to replicate a real photo I took of PH-AKA)

Butter! First time landing with the reworked A330, -47 V/S!!!

Seen from the terminal!

Aaaaaandd…, Parked.

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(By the way, if anyone sees a fault in my topic, I can’t fix it because for some random reason I can’t edit my post)

(Nevermind, I can still edit the post but not the title, which for some reason isn’t in caps…)

how do you see your v/s on landing?

There’s an app called IFOperations, you do a flight, and you’ll be able to see it on there (if you follow the instructions the app gives you it should work)

Who doesn’t like a good tail photo right?

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