KLM A330-300 (New livery and 100 years old)

Hello IFC!

Now that we are sure that the rework of the A333 is a reality, I am here to propose the addition of the KLM to the A330-300. From what I could see, there is no order for the KLM A333 with the new paint at IFC. And there’s not much to say about this airline, given its popularity in real life and Infinite Flight; but if you, like me, would like to expand the Dutch routes with yet another aircraft, although KLM plans to replace all A333s with B787s, leave a vote in favor.

Photo credits for Jan Seler

About KLM

I love KLM, u got my vote

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It’s got my vote (even though I am out of votes)

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You have my vote. For AFKLM !!!


Voted! One of the most beautiful liveries in the skies. Was hoping for a -200 with the new KLM livery but this will do just fine. As far as I know they haven’t retired the A330-300 yet.

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Out of votes but I would love to see it introduced with the rework

This is a good one- I see these planes a lot at MSP (before Covid at least). I’ll also be flying one from MSP to Amsterdam next July.

Got my vote!
A must have for the 21.1 rework!

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Voted! ✅

(First and only livery I voted for, since the A333 update is inevitable)

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