KLM A321neo


The Air France-KLM Group has just ordered 100 members of the A320neo family, amongst this also the A321neo for KLM, the flag carrier of the Netherlands. That’s why I am requesting the KLM A321neo to be added to Infinite Flight as soon as the A321neo is getting added!

The order comes as part of Air France-KLM’s move towards a more sustainable fleet build-up. The order compromises A320neos, A321neos for both KLM as well as Transavia (France), and also has an option for 60 more aircraft.

Boeing takes a loss once again and loses a major customer in the form of the member airlines of Air France KLM that have Boeing narrow-body fleets, while Airbus nets another major aircraft order this week.

The A320neo/A321neo will give KLM and Transavia the right tool to expand sustainably in the future and to reach climate-related goals that have been set. It also represents a major switch by the airlines towards Airbus, shifting all Air France KLM airlines towards an Airbus narrowbody fleet.

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Don’t mind them , thanks for informing us of that order !

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Totally got my (rare) vote!

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Thanks! The neos are sadly still far away, so I wouldn’t expect you to vote already, but it’s nice to see someone liking the KLM A321neo :D

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Boom. Voted. I have finally ran out of votes now, but this was a wise topic to vote on. Could you imagine how cool a KLM A320neo would look like…