KLM 840: Peaceful to Disaster


A routine flight that turned into an emergency.

Server: Expert

Total Flight Time: 12:25


Flight Number: KLM 840

Beautiful view of the plane from the terminal





Descent (May or may not have overslept)

Panic Begins: The pilots realized they left the APU on for the entire flight, which had been around 12 hours at this point. They divert to Rotterdam

Rotterdam tower says the 777 is too big for the airport, so the plane makes a rapid descent and turns around towards runway 18R at Amsterdam, the original approach

The plane lands safely, stays on the runway for a few minutes to figure things out, then finally taxis to gate F8.

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Dude it is fine. I love this. I think you did good!

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Thanks, I appreciate it!

No p. Keep it up

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Bro, that happens to me a lot but usually I don’t make it and I get mad I need to stop!

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Fun fact, one day when there where extremely nasty storms at EHAM, a KLM 744 and 789 actually diverted to Rotterdam and landed and took off succesfully.

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