KLM 787-9 Coming to Las Vegas Tomorrow!

Attention all aviation enthusiasts! Tomorrow will be the first day the KLM will bring their dreamliners to Vegas so if you live in the city of Las Vegas and you are an aviation enthusiast like me make sure you don’t miss out on the arrival into Vegas!


dude thats so cool nice spot by the way i hope some IF users get good pictures

Does LAS have a Dreamliner already? Because if it doesn’t you’re in for a treat I love seeing the 787 come into PIT, by far my favorite aircraft ever…

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I think Virgin Atlantic upgrade from the 747 to 787 but still it is always cool to see a water cannon salute


I wanted Las Vegas to Tokyo Haneda to happen but look like Haneda officials rejected it.

Also @KPIT I wish 787’s came to Raleigh too

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I might do that on IF

If you’re going, I’d like if you’d be able to post it in #real-world-aviation:spotting

The KLM livery looks amazing on the 789!

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It is a gorgeous plane. Especially in the BA colors… 🤤

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You must think the 787 is yummy lol

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