KLM 77W Landing in Stormy Weather

Looks like fun…


Imagine being on that plane and not knowing about aviation 😂 I’d be seriously scared


Very skilled pilots, viva KLM! I still remember that flight of Copa from Panama to Orlando in 2012, the plane was descending while going into the storm, the plane was passing thru turbulences, suddenly the plane dropped quickly many times finally the plane exited the clouds, it was a rainy day, the landing with crosswinds and a bouncy touchdown, miraculously the plane landed safely, you had to see everyone praying and children crying.


We are lucky to be aviation geeks🤓✈️

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Nobody die or painful big headline most important

Woah!that is one seriously (should i use insane or skilled)pilot

Very skilled pilot and very impressive landing

And it’s still smoother than any of my normal landings. :(

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Looks like they had fun.(sarcasm)

I Think none of the passenger realise that situation. But, That’s why I Like KLM, Their pilots are very skilled and professional on these things :)

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The pilot still managed to do a smooth landing? WHAT? KLM have some amazing/skilled pilots! :D

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