Hello Everyone welcome to another topic made by me!
With the release of 20.2 I thought I would fly the brand new reworked 777W from Toronto to Amsterdam


Server: Expert
Aircraft: Boeing 777-300ER KLM Orange Pride Livery
Route: CYYZ to EHAM
Flight Time: 6HRS 7MINS

Sitting at the gate as we board tired passengers


Lovely Sunrise as we reach our cruising altitude of FL350

A MD10 heading to EGVN. Piloted by @GeorgeD!

As we pass over Dublin, Ireland I decide to look for some arriving planes into EIDW: Here is Ryanair 101 coming into land after a short flight from Amsterdam, piloted by @Ryan_Gibb!

A quick Moonshot on our arrival into EHAM!

100…50…40…30…20…10 BUTTER!! Also a landing Emirates 777W inbound for runway 18C!

At the gate after our 6 hour flight!

Thanks for checking out these photos! Leave a like if you enjoyed!


Couldn’t see a lot in the first 2 photos, otherwise it’s awesome I love what you did with the angles

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Yeah I just noticed there 😅 Try zooming in you can see the cargo doors open and stuff.

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Great to see you back in the skies @Collins4486!

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Thansk @Patrick_McCormack

Really great shots! @Ryan_Gibb hope you’ve had a safe landing at Dublin:)


It really looks like you’re traveling to Europe with that KLM. In reality. Believe me, I feel so amazed if I were to do that in reality

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I didn’t even see you all the way up their 😂 nice photos matte!

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Matte yup definitely what I meant

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that is 100% how I feel IRL on getting on a flight

Anyway, great shots!

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The sunrise shot is just… Wow!! :)

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Hahah I was at 37000 ft so you probably didn’t see me!

Isn’t that how we all feel, especially when we need to be at the airport at like 6 in the morning 😴

Thanks I appreciate it!

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