KLM 777 Crosswind landing

I think that roll to the right, just before touching looked kinda scary!

I’m not sure if i’m supposed to say this is not my footage


And look at the way it bobs!

That was close one 😱😱

That landing seemed really fast.

But this landing I think everyone has see it already.

Whooooow! That was too close! I’m so glad I wasn’t a passenger on that plane!

Nice video!

Jesus Christ, is that safe?

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Everyone is still alive, therefore it’s safe. XD

On a more serious note, once you’re settled on the ground and bouncing, you’re basically committed to settling the plane on the runway. It would be even riskier to try to get in the air again.

It’s landed at the most stormy day ever in the Netherlands. And it was the heaviest wheater when its landed. No surprise :)

That was a pretty good landing.

Wow besides the bobing it honestly didnt look that like hard of a touch down fpm wise

This is dangerous

in windy conditions it is pretty standard to approach and land at a higher airspeed

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