KLM 777 at KORD 3/5/16


Normally they fly a 747-400 on the route!


Nice pic! :)

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Did it flew from EHAM?

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No, the KLM plane flew from Paris to Chicago.


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Very helpful mate.


Do you know if the 747 they normally used is retired? KLM is replacing all the 747 for there 777 and the 777 are going to be 787. This process of replacing will be done somewhere 2017.

So if you see the Blue Queen of the sky, enjoy it now it’s still possible!

I need to go to PDX for some plane spitting.

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Hey, I know that. It just that I wanted to keep spitting there because it sounded wierd. But sorry, I guess no one understanded it and didn’t want it. I will change it now and sorry about this.