KLM 777-200 & Xcub

Since everyone is enjoying the new 777-200 and making screenshot topics about it, I decided to make my own too :)

Xcub flying above the mountains

So @Ecoops123, @Tsumia and I did a formation flight last Sunday in the busy Geneva.
With an outstanding view from the Xcub

Route? Geneva-Sion
Aircraft? Xcub


Us standing there like a boss against other Traffic

@Tsumia messing around

Me messing around

Finally arrived with a lot of wind (we could even pushback because of the wind)


So here are the reworked 777-200 pictures. It was a beautiful aircraft to fly and the landing killed my passengers.
So there we go, enjoy them :)

Route? Amsterdam-New York, John F Kennedy
Aircraft? KLM 777-200ER


Sunrise takeoff

Let’s fast forward a bit because the rest is only ocean, here we are on final :)

Here we are again, on final

After a harsh landing I parked next to KLM largest partners (Air France and Delta)

Well, I hope you liked my screenshot topic. Hope to see you around sometime🛫

have a great day😊


'Cubbin it.

Would definitely want to do something like this again.


Lovely screenshots! This makes me wanna fly the beautiful XCub again.

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Sure, if you insist ;)

@Kuba_Jaroszczyk thanks. The Xcub is this tiny little aircraft that’s challenging to fly, but that challenging part only makes flying the Cubby more fun

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Meanwhile @Ecoops123 chatted with me in my livestream lol

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Aha indeed I did 😂


He also chatted in the PM with @Tsumia and me👀
is he a clone?


Those are awesome! The variation is amazing! Nice shots

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Thank you😄

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Nice shots mate. Would love to do some fun flying with people from IFC

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Well, just PM someone (enlarge your chance of the person saying yes by asking it to your friend)
Ask him/her to fly some formation or do a flight together.
Is one of the best ways to make friends here around the community ;)