KLM 767 @St Maarten

I’ve been thinking on quite a while about having a KLM 767 flight, and found a great opportunity last week with live ATC coverage @TNCM. I searched for the old seatmap of the KLM a/c and found the configuration to be C30Y190. I have reached EHAM after a 10 hour flight, at FL350.

× AA going around due to AF777 slowly vacating runway ×

× Second in line for takeoff, insert sunset ×

× Engines at 87% thrust, good to go ×

× Climbing at 1900fpm, right before performing the famous right turn to avoid the mountain tops ×

× Thanks for dropping by! ×


The last three pictures are incredible!

Good job!


Thank you! Kept the first two for the airport activity mostly.

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I thought that plane would be to big.

No, the 767 is well within the airport’s operating limits.

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Like the last one last very nice. :)

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I didn’t even know KLM had had B767s🤦🏼‍♂️

Still fantastic pictures, especially the last one, thanks for sharing!


Does American A321s go to saint marten? I thought AA only had 737, 757, A330s there

I think you’re right, they don’t. I’m a huge fan of realism also, but made an exception this one time :D. (there’s no KL 332 in-game yet…)

Lmao, i wish that they would. Get the A330-2 with all the major airlines that have them, AA, KLM

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It’s got my vote already! As a matter of fact, the 200 is my favorite variant of the A330 so… am looking forward to it.

Looks like the A321 did fly there for some time with AA.

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Great photos, The KLM 767 is a plane I never see.

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That’s true and also a reason I chose to fly it.

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The 767 is such a nice aircraft, it’s a shame the devs have neglected it.

In time, I’m sure the model will get an upgrade.

Great pictures love that last 2pics amazing

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