KLM 747 Retirement Info

118.280 but go to departure

Departure is 121.200 Dep tma/west

The final 747 flight is today’s AMS-MEX flight, which will arrive back in AMS tomorrow at around 3:20 p.m.

There isn’t another AMS-MEX flight after today’s departure. I’m assuming it’s temporarily suspended because of low demand.


I’m in, thanks.

Yep thats it

It sure does. What’s the callsign?

Oh you bet it does, KL685

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Just heard an ATC instruction directed to him.

Yep they’re doing a turn over the coastline

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There’s a good chance they’ll do something special like a low-pass over the airport. PH-BFS’ final flight on March 26 did something like that.


And off she goes!

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They’re doing this. Police heli was on the same frequency, heard em talking about shooting footage


Yeah, I heard it too.

@chuckaule may I know where you live? I live in Den Haag. How long is it going to take for you to go to Schiphol?

PH-BFW from MEX is about to land. Looks like this is the final flight for PH-BFW.

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Zwijndrecht, takes about an hour by car and 45min by train

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well it’s tough right now in the aviation industry good luck out there guys!!!

i remember seeing the KLM 747 in SFO one of my first times spotting… beutiful sight!!!

The article @Jan posted said that the government is warning spotters not to go watch the last B747 for the last time as they don’t want a mob forming to increase the risk of getting COVID-19.

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