KLM 747 Retirement Info

Wait… It’s Saturday smh…

Yep, so it’s tomorrow…

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Dunno yet. Probably gonna be crowded af

Is spotting even allowed now due to Coronavirus? And do we know what runway it’ll be landing? Polderbaan?

That’s the problem, the police will probably try to disperse the crowd if there is one, that’s why I’ll be going early.

I myself am also not to sure. Does anyone else know?

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Winds coming from the NNE so I’m guessing Kaagbaan

Yea probably. Police knows it too, if they’re landing on the Kaagbaan it’s gonna be hella crowded. McDonalds next to it ain’t gonna have a fun time

I’m begging for it to land at Polderbaan. A better view + less crowded!

Looks like the final flight’s taxiing out to the runway.

I thought it would land tomorrow at 3:00PM dutch time?

She has one more flight for tomorrow, so this one isn’t her last.

FR24 says tomorrow’s AMS-MEX flight is cancelled.

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Yea this is the last one. Coming back to land tomorrow

Is this a joke? So when will it be landing or departing at Schiphol for the last time?

Tomorrow. PH-BFT is departing the polderbaan now for the last time, coming back to Schiphol from Mexico tomorrow around 3 pm, that will be the last passenger flight

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Listening to LiveATC now man this hurts lol

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Phew, @Ishrion got me confused there for a sec.

I’ll tune in. Which frequency?

Yea so it’s not departing Mexico tomorrow again but the return flight is the last one