KLM 747 Retirement Info

Does anyone plan on coming to Schiphol to spot her Saturday or Sunday?

There will be a live stream:

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Not going to have to watch it, I’m going to head down over there myself.

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So, final KLM 747 Passenger aircraft, lands at EHAM at 2020-03-29T13:20:00Z? Is that correct?


At the moment 3 PM local time is the planned ETA, but as always that’s subject to change.


I’m going to go there a couple hours earlier. I sure hope there won’t be a large crowd watching the landing as we wouldn’t want the police to disperse the crowd due to COVID-19.


Updated information suggests Sunday’s KL686 as the final KLM B747 service:

This is also reflected in FR24 (departure on the 29th). Obviously nonetheless speculation and not confirmed.

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And next update:

The final KLM 747 flight will depart Mexico City on 28 March at 21:55 local time, arriving in Amsterdam at 15:10 local time. KLM currently has 7 active 747s.

Departure on the 28th landing on the 29th.

Source: https://www.flightradar24.com/blog/follow-the-final-klm-747-flights/?utm_campaign=website&utm_source=sendgrid.com&utm_medium=email

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It looks like KLM already retired PH-BFS, a 747 Combi.

It’s not scheduled for any future flights and the aircraft did a special fly-around over AMS.


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Something tells me u posted this in the wrong thread


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It is sad to see the blue bird retired 😥

April or this Sunday?

It’s possible that the retirement of the last KLM 747-400 is in early April, the first two weeks or so, but the last passenger flight will be this Sunday. That to me sounds logical enough :)

The Source below has not much to do with what I just said, but it shares similar thoughts to mine as I mentioned above. KLM may retire after this weekend, as we enter April next week but last flight is set to be on Sunday as everyone here has already said and multiple sources has said so too.

Hmmmmmm okay

The IFN post is a bit outdated since that article was from two weeks ago. We just got new info yesterday that the final flight is on March 29th.

Ahhh okay my bad

I made a tribute video. I wish I got to see this beautiful bird!

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Does anyone plan on to spotting PH-BFT this Sunday?

I’m maybe going to Schiphol today. Not sure yet