KLM 747 Retirement Info

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With the recent announcement from KLM, they had staged an earlier retirement of the 747. I’ve been wanting to spot her real bad for the last time at Schiphol Airport Amsterdam.

However, I don’t know at what time the last 747 will be taking off from Schiphol and annoyingly can’t find any information about it. Does someone know?

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They actually have it listed on their schedules for flights from now until March 28, and I don’t believe they ever confirmed that March 26 was the last flight. If you still want to see it just in case, the last flight should be KL685 to Mexico City, and the Los Angeles service (KL601) was canceled. If you’re looking to see the arrival, it’ll fly in tomorrow and land at 3:10 p.m.


Man, you’re a life-saver. I’ll check what the aircrafts reg is on FlightAware (or could you tell me here?). Thank you!

PH-BFS is currently set to fly this route, but they’ve also dispatched an aircraft for tomorrow’s service and it’s a 747 (PH-BFT). Not sure what their plan is though 😬

Strange, I’ll just search via flight number on FlightAware to find what aircraft will be used. Thanks for your help, I’m sad that this beast has to go.

Are there any flights scheduled to depart/arrive on the 28th and do you have any information on that?

@Jan @Infinite_Qantas Weten jullie toevallig of die laatste 747 op zaterdag in Schiphol aankomt?

You mean this?

It just departed :P

Well no, I was wondering if one would depart/arrive on Saturday (and what time, Flight no., etc.) as @GlobalFlyer1 said that KLM had scheduled the last flight on the 28th.

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10:40 Dutch time, same flight as I mentioned above. That’s a 747 flight.
Unless it’s cancelled, if you wanna know other flights you can always check the Schiphol app

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Alright, thanks. So just to confirm, this flight should depart on Saturday 28th at 10:40am Dutch time?

A KLM 747 will depart, yes. But I’m not sure if it’s the last flight

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Thanks for your help, I’ll take your word for it.

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The situation is very unclear. First today’s KL686 seemed to be the last pax flight for the KLM
B747, but now there are other flights departing AMS in the moment.

Indeed, I’m getting very confused. I guess I’ll just go to Schipol to spot on Saturday and see what I get 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Let’s see if this is true.


Other people are saying KL686 on MEX-AMS arriving in AMS on March 29 will be the final flight.

Set to arrive at 3:12 p.m.

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Wow. Well I’m glad the final service is to MEX. It has flown over my house multiple time on this route and I’ll never forget watching the KLM queen contrail away into the sunset through my binoculars. Truly an amazing sight to see. I’ll be wtaching it, thanks for the information


Dankjewel Jan.

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