KLGB- Long Beach/Daugherty Field missing part of taxiway?

I started at southwest parking and taxied to the left a bit to where the runway ended.started and the taxi way ended right in front of the runway. I was wondering if this was supposed to be like this.

Photo pls

Will have a look editor-side

Sorry, I dont have internet on my Ipad. :(

Looking in the airport editing repo, KLGB looks in good shape:

Looks like this has been redone and it will be fixed in the next update :)

It is at the bottom left corner of your picture. At the end of runway 7 Right.

Did you check with satellite image? ;)

I just went on google maps and went to the end of runway 7 Right and there is supposed to be a taxiway to the end of the runway.


I can confirm this has been fixed:
Note the yellow at the end is the blast pad, which you can see on the google maps (thinner)

Oh!!! Thank you very, very much for helping me!!! :)