KLGB airport layout change?

Hello everyone,
I was finishing a flight towards KLAX when I took a look and some surrounding airports. When I looked at KLGB, I took a whiff of this:

I only saw three runways, and if I am not crazy, I thought there was 2 vertical runways as well. Unless this was changed lately, is this a bug? Wanted to make sure. Thanks!

Why did @Brandon_Sandstrom change this to general? I was seeing if this was a problem.

According to some sources, Runway 16L/34R and 16R/34L are permanently closed, hence why it were removed from the sim. Please correct me if I’m wrong


@Brandon_Sandstrom changed this to general because airport layouts aren’t a support issue. Please check here to see if it’s been updated.

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Both runways are recently closed, as you can see on the chart that both runways have “X” marks on it

That is the point. I sware they were open as I last checked, but that may have been a while ago