KLGA Stories

This was originally “Why is KLGA Hated” but I’ve turned it in to KLGA Stories because I’ve received a lot of stories 😂


Some people had a bad time there so they blew the story up and now it’s circulated through the media and boom…bad reputation.


Ohhh K, I thought it was because of many airlines not serving it anymore ;)

It is just outdated, congested, and not alot of things to do in the airport.


I was there and I personally disliked it a lot. Very dirty and dusty, cramped small terminals and long security line. My Dunkin Doughnuts Biscuit was burned to. :(


Lol this has nothing to do with the airport. Open a complaint with Dunkin Donuts


RIP Dunking Biscuit… anyway, that’s all I wanted to know lol

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Read this article, sums it up pretty well


Let me try to explain why it is not regarded well by many…
LGA is a very busy airport in a very busy airspace. Many aircraft want to land and take off there at the same time, which amounts to long delays of sitting on the ramp or the taxiway. The infrastructure is not built to handle the mass of flights there, which also receives lots of complaints from travelers.


That article explains a lot! Well I know why everyone hates it now!

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LaGuardia airport is one of the more interesting airports in the United States. The first thing is that it is one of three airports serving the NYC area. I have always compared this to the Washington DC Metropolitan airports. LaGuardia being Regan Airport, Dulles being JFK, and Newark being BWI Marshall. LaGuardia is extremely busy handling more flights than some bigger airports close by. The terminals have always been packed, limited customer choices, cramped gates to fit more aircraft, and I have also heard that the staff is not the nicest. As @HiFlyer just said, there are plenty of negatives that LGA has unfortunately. I hope either LGA closes some terminals to create more room, or just permanently close. There is so much room for EWR and JFK to grow it is often asked if LGA is really necessary anymore


Hard to get to/construction and congestion all around and in the airport roadways
Airport not designed to handle today’s traffic, small cramped together terminals and taxiways
Falling apart terminals
Almost always a long line for takeoff - nothing beats hearing the pilot come over the intercom and saying that your plane is number 25 for takeoff

Welcome…to New York City :p


I’m flying there next month, so if you guys want to see a trip report I wouldn’t mind doing one.

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No no please stay far away


Flight is already booked Rocco :P

Still have plenty of time to cancel

Agree with RTG here (not that I want to haha)

JFK is a much nicer airport and have often found myself paying an extra 30-40 dollars paying to land at Kennedy.


Lol, Seems Like KLGA is the Spirit Airport


When I went to LGA back in 2016 and 2017 I actually had a pleasant time. No long lines, security literally took 5 minutes and we were in the main concourse after only 15 minutes of arriving. The airport wasn’t also that congested, so I don’t really know. Maybe just two lucky visits.