KLGA Spotting Pictures + In-Flight Pictures

Hey IFC Members!

I was at KLGA earlier today and got some nice spotting pictures… I had to use my iPhone 6s so Pictures aren’t as clear as usual :)

KLGA Spotting Pictures (Taken with iPhone6s)

In-Flight Pictures (Taken with iPhone 6s)
KLGA Hold Short Runway 13

View of NYC

Spirit Airlines New Hangar at KDTW

Thanks for Checking this out!


Great pictures! I love the JetBlue ERJ-190! (You posted that picture twice - just thought I’d let you know!). Thanks for posting! :)


Thanks for letting me know! I’m not use to posting on my Phone :) @Cessna_Driver I meant to post the picture I just replaced the first JetBlue picture with… The Trans-Canada Airlines picture :)

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The hold short picture is really nice!

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