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Hey IFC! So as we all know, KLGA has just be revamped and is now 3D in infinite flight. There is 1 problem I have encountered with it. If you don’t know me, I like to be super realistic with my flights but re-doing real world flights. The gates at KLGA, mainly for terminal C is all messed up. I know there is a 22.7 hotfix coming soon, so hopefully this could be fixed then. Thanks!

Source of IFAET Editors: Aviation

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that’s so cool

I believe it’s because the imagery for LaGuardia isn’t available yet.

Can you expand on why the gates are messed up?

That’s what I figured as well, but I put another source that editors could maybe use.

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I don’t know why they are. The gate numbers are just wrong mainly for terminal C, but I haven’t checked other areas.

Airports wont come in a hotfix and require whole different push. As mentioned on other threads its because there isn’t any accurate information for the editor to create the terminal at the moment

Ok, thanks for the reply!

Hey mate, i looked on a couple satellite imagery sites, and there is still construction going on at KLGA the time that imagery was taken. Since being apart of the IFAET, you have to use satellite imagery to update the airport runway/taxiway lines etc… My best guess would be that the satellite imagery hasnt been updated yet, so DC couldnt put in the newer parts of LGA Terminal C. As Terminal C is the newest, most updated terminal so far in real life. :)

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