KLGA Gate 53 Safedock issue

Yesterday when I arrived at La Guardia, and went to park, the gate display showed this. Is the gate 53 and its support the E175 indeed.

For whose can’t read what is on the print, “Gate Auto. Detect Error.”

By the way, the airport was made by @DeerCrusher, @ThomasThePro and @tomthetank.

Sometimes it does this on new or freshly reworked planes. Other gates should work.

Simply put, the gate can not detect what aircraft you are to safety park you. This is (like I said above) probably because the plane was just reworked yesterday and some gates went “I forgor” or something.

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Fixed. Had to move it a bit closer and re-angle it better. 🙃 Thanks for the report.

this change will be reflected in the next update