KLGA Expressway Visual Approach for Runway 31

I disagree,

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“I just had a ridiculous amount of fun flying this approach into La Guardia in IF.”

Read the last part :)

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I literally just flew this approach on expert and saw you do the same a bit before me. I’ve done this many times and I think I have it mastered. It’s a lot of fun to do and I recommend others to try it. :)


In real life, it is actually quite terrifying (in my opinion) to be a passenger on a plane doing it. Just imagine a 30 degree bank angle at 400 feet off the ground. When the captain on my flight today announced we were doing it, I was close to peeing my pants.


I just realized that this approach flies almost over my house. Prospect Park is 5 blocks away from me.


As someone who lives on Long Island (not under the approach pattern though) it feels so good to see people following it in IF!
Sometimes driving west into the city (Manhattan for those of you who don’t know what “the city” is) I would see these planes fly right over.


LOVE seeing people use real world approaches in IF. Very refreshing! Keep it up!


I can’t believe this is posted now but I just flew this approach last night! Not much of a final approach - really just a banking turn and landing. Took me a couple tries. Not easy!

True, with the current state of IF you cannot see the parks, the two tanks or the Long Island Expressway but you can fake it. Maybe with Global and the new imagery you will be able to.

I read that pilots that fly this approach would tune a radio to pick up the Mets baseball game broadcast and they could hear the sound of their jet going over the stadium.


I don’t know about the pilots, but American Airlines used to let you tune the radio on their flights (I don’t know if they still do, been awhile since I’ve flown with them), and I remember flipping through the radios during approach and I caught a game.

Wanted to add…

For practice I would fly in solo an approach to runway 4 at LGA. It will spawn you right about where the twin tanks are in the chart. Immediately head due east and about a minute later try that banking left U turn to runway 31.

I use the mini-map to help trace the route from the chart.

It’s crazy to hear a “500” altitude callout while you are still banking towards the runway!

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Seeing planes on this approach is what kinda got me into aviation when I was little. I live about four blocks away from the Long Island expressway in Queens. Approach goes just to the left of my house which is amazing to see.


I never knew how many fellow Long Islanders there were on the forums! :))


Count me as one!

It’s not just the visual approach to runway 31 that flies over Citi Field (and the old Shea Stadium, back in the day). Ever go to a Mets game in the summer when runway 13 is active? Departures are impossible to ignore!

Flight crew: “V1… Rotate… Positive rate… Hey look… the Mets tied the game!..”.

They’re so low (and loud!) they could probably read the scoreboard!


Made a little tutorial on this one!


Yes, one time I was at a Mets game and the planes were banking over the stadium at like 500 feet above the ground.

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How do you get those charts? I tried going to the website but a place that sells model airplanes keep coming up

google.com :). just do a search for the chart at the airport you want.

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or http://www.airnav.com


Aircraft flying this approach tonight it seems…


Looks like it, doesn’t it?

Like a trail of ants leading to LGA.

It helps to know where the trail is to see the pattern though. It is pretty clear once you know.

Good find!

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