KLGA 22 Approach

Hey everyone. I just did a short flight from DCA to LGA. I followed some vectors for runway 22 from 2015 that I found on here. It seems to work out fine, but it took me over Manhattan, which is unrealistic.

I am looking for the vectors for this approach. It takes you North up the Hudson river, around the actual city, and lines you up with runway 22.

Here is a video showing it;

Are you looking for an approach plate or an IF version?

This topic probably has the info :)

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From your video it looks like you turned heading 130 over Yonkers to enter right base. You may or may not have been on an ILS approach for runway 22. It looks like you intercepted the FAF for that approach, GREKO. You’d usually intercept at or above 1900ft at GREKO, 5.7 nms from the runway threshold.

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Yeah, i’m just looking for the Hudson River approach for 22. I’ve tried 13, but it isn’t always the best option sometimes due to the weather.

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