KLAX-ZSPD | American Airlines Boeing 787-9

Hello IFC!

Sometimes I think it isn’t completely necessary, but I also feel like sometimes it can be wonderful too! (I’m referring to screenshots and videos Btw)

Alright! Here are some photos from my recent flight last night.

This route was from KLAX (Los Angele Intl) to ZSPD (Shanghai Pudong)

This was with the American Airlines 787-9 (In my opinion one of the most satisfying aircraft to fly in IF)

This was at

Here we go!

Early morning departure (Runway 25R)

A turn in the first morning lights

3/4 of the way there (about 10:30 in that timezone)

Final approach at ZSPD (Runway 16L)

And a satisfactory landing in Shanghai

Hope y’all enjoyed!
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Oh! And if you look up into the distance in the first photo you can see my friend from VGVA @planegeek101 who is in the a320!

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Nice photos! Looks like you buttered the bread on that landing


Also why did KLAX put a gate on top of two existing gates?image

Just so there is a larger choice for using either a small aircraft or a big aircraft.


BTW you tagged the wrong person. There are two plane geek 101’s surprisingly. But the other one is very inactive.

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