KLAX... World's busiest airport? (Along a few crashes)


oh i thought i was on that topic, how do i change it?


Press the pencil next to the title of the topic then you can see the category drop down menu

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Also, if ur going to post pics I recommend not to post pics of inappropriate pilot behavior as we want to showcase good quality pics. And KLAX is not the world’s busiest airport. The busiest is ATL followed by PVG and DXB. Besides the pics with poor pilot behavior, great job!


He means in Infinite Flight.

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oh haha i meant infinite flight, this was just meant to be a sarcastic and a funny post, sorry if these pics were wrong

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Instead of making a new topic, paste those photos here! It fits perfectly.

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He can make his own topic to demonstrate his screenshots. It fits just fine :)


Imagine if this was real…

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That’s why there is a question mark.
Look at the title. It says World’s Busiest Airport ?


The photos are cool but I have a question, where was it?
I’m not asking the airport, but the server.


That gate is a bit small for a 737, don’t you think? :)


KLAX is one of busiest airports along with KJFK


Was this on casual training?


I just did a flight from Zurich to Klax there was some jerk who cut in front of me I got a photo of it. I hate the pilots as Lax cause they just do the stupid hop from SFO to LAX in jumbo jets which is stupid.


send that ss to mods and they can look on them :)


Despite the “crashing”, I hope you had a nice flight! 😆


Nope training server


Oh yh it was a wonderful flight

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training server


To be honest, when i park, i get confused which gates to use, i’m not sure which ones are for large or small aircraft