KLAX.. Why 25R

Im a bit new, but hoping someone can tell me what the deal is with LAX… While there are 4 runways at LAX, everyone wants to use one: the holy grail… 25R. What is the deal with it? Seems as though as no matter what you do, you cant satisfy any pilot with anything but. 24L and 25L are great alternatives. What can we do to help promote those runways and avoid long lines? I feel like this is a team effort where there should be space for collaboration between ground, the tower, and center.

Because they’re incapable of absorbing any information about their surroundings that doesn’t immediately improve their situation. It spares them a little extra taxi time after landing, so they’re not concerned that they’d be holding up a departure queue 10 deep.

It’s the same at all airports like this. Hartsfield. O’Hare…


I feel like they want to wait. They want to have a busy rwy to do some spotting and have traffic. Not understandable from a controllers perspective. :D


The same as 27R/L at EGLL 🤦🏻‍♂️ …


A point is also, a controller cant change it on the ground, on Training server a lot of newbies ignore the ATC and only some are following the atc because they know that they need to do it later on Expert.

Tower and Approach can change a little bit, but clearing someone for 25L end up as a landing on 25R. A lot of pilots see it as a game (casual AND Training) and the other ones who can follow ATC understand and see the Simulation in this “simulation game”

They probbaly wanna show off their landing and want everyone to look at them landing lol 😂 like me.


I do this usually, I enjoy looking at the traffic coming in or going out before my departure. Although I will typically try to go to whatever runway is most realistic or which ever one ATC tells me to go to.

It happens, when people want the others to see them landing or taking off or just they tend to choose the track with the most traffic … it usually happens in EGLL with RWY 27R, 27L.
Solution: could be to send them to another RWY.

Uhhh y’all realise EGLL only has 2 runways?for now

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No but, when I start a flight on EGLL, RWY’S 27R and 27L are available.
So the hole traffic are on them and people want to land and take off from RWY’S with more traffic.

EGLL only has these 2(including 09s) if not where u want them to land, the taxiway?

I’m referring that everyone want to land in the same RWY 27L or 27R not in both of them. :)

uhhh this is a diff situation compared to LAX, for LAX the other 2 runways mentioned need runway crossings

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Let’s leave it there :)

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Lol but those are the only 2 runways so there’s no other option

I mean that people request a runway even they are in the other side of the airport…

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Yeah, but you see that everybody is landing/departing exclusively on 27L…

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That’s what I mean… ;)

KLAX RWY 25R is the longest RWY at the airport.

Exactly, I always try to vector people ariving to 24L and 24R but they ignore and go into 25R. I believe it’s because they want to show off their landing.