KLAX Visibility

Probably the worst I have ever seen in this game. Pretty fun taking off using only instruments. I couldn’t see any other aircraft on the ground unless I was within ~100feet of them. This thread doesn’t really have any meaning, other than if you want to experience poor visibility and doing an instrument only taxi/take off go check it out. It was a first for me on Live


Thanks for the heads up!

I’m checking how cloudy it is outside and it’s dark out so the visibility will be low.

I had that happen the other day coming into LFOE. Vis was .25 sm. It was a pretty cool experience.

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Yes, even KSAN visibility too~

Anyway I just landed nicely in KSAN, KNUC and KLAX.

First time I ever saw this in IF
I had to go-around

No doubt, fog and .5 sm vis, that’ll do it.

Wow, had similar weather at Catalina before.

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i’ve experienced just as bad in New York Region and also London, could not see other aircraft or taxiways…

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Wow, why is it red?

I believe red equals IFR only.

Oh ok, i see.

That was the first time I have ever seen the SOCAL region red due to weather/visibility. I found it pretty cool. I really enjoyed doing a IFR only landing.

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It was awful!!

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I’ve occasionally had around .25 visibility. It is extremely fun to try to navigate on the ground, and in the air during these conditions.

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Extremely low visibility at LAX right now. 3 go-arounds 1/16sm



Always wondered why SoCal visibility is always so bad, usually around 10 nm. 😕

It was 04.km 6 hours ago on socal, or atleast somewhere around 6 hours ago

I was controlling KLAX earlier today, with 1/16SM. That was funny. I had literally no ground awareness, but it was funny for sure!