KLAX Transition Frequency/LA Special Flight Rules

Hello Community. As a GA FNF approaches us, I was looking for some routes to do. And then I noticed KLGB and KVNY. But how does one get from one airport to another with a busy KLAX right in the middle to the two? This is where I introduce to LAX Transition Route.

This transition route or LA Special Flight Rules is a route for GA pilots to fly from one SOCAL airport to another without having to deal with a busy KLAX. They do this by tuning into a CTAF frequency, announce their altitude and direction of travel, and proceed along their route without the stress of the busy Bravo airspace. In addition, there are 5 options (2nd link below) that can be used while transitioning.

So, my feature request:
Add 128.55 to a list of freqencies so any GA aircraft can report the altitude and direction of travel like IRL. This way, 2 choices could be made, “3500 proceeding to the northeast” or “4500 proceeding to the southeast” as well as the location relevant to airports.

Honestly, just realism. It would be a cool, unique addition for the area to make Infinite Flight that much more realistic

Please look at the links below for more explanation and how it is used!

A wonderful AOPA article explaining the service and how it is done

Charts for each of the 5 avalible routes

If this is a duplicate (I have a feeling it might be but I couldn’t find anything related) please feel free to close and I apologize if this is the case

Disclaimer, this is for future times, not just for tomorrow (July 3rd, 2020). This can be used at ANY point. And pardon my horrible explaining of this topic.

Nice, but if KLAX isn’t going to be open tomorrow how would this be necessary?


I doubt the OP is asking for this feature to be implemented tonight just for tomorrow.


It says this. Is it meant for tommorrow? 🤷‍♂️

I could see how this could be useful on days besides tomorrow. When I control KLAX, I get a surprising amount of aircraft transitioning through off to other GA airports and I could see this being a cool feature to have.

I think they mean that they realized this could be a cool feature because of how they were looking for a route to do tomorrow.

I agree, it could be a really cool feature. So does ATC just vector aircraft around these transitioning aircraft or how is separation maintained between two aircraft in the same airspace that are tuned to different frequencies?

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@ThomasThePro @lucaviness This is for anytime, not just tomorrow. When LAX gets up to 250 arrival, this could be nice and just a very realistic touch.


Technically you want the LA Special Flight Rules Over KLAX. Oh gotcha now 😉…


How many other airports have this type of freq.?

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I only know of KLAX because it is pretty well known.

Also to answer a question above, ATC shouldn’t have to worry about these aircraft at all as the set up is pretty well set up. In IF it might be hard because we all aren’t professionals and thus issues but if educated, could reduce a workload on KLAX controllers.

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Great video showing it

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