KLAX Training Server Expectations

Hello! I’m a frequent ATC at KLAX on the training server, and I’ve noticed a few issues that make it almost impossible to control this busy airport efficiently. I understand this is a training server, but it seems like no one is even trying. If you want to follow a 757 in an F18, please go back to the casual server.

First off, please don’t try to get a “remaining in the pattern” takeoff clearance with your little Cessna when there’s five planes on final and another five waiting to takeoff. Also, if ATC says “tower is not accepting pattern work at this time,” please don’t try again. We’re not going to change our minds because you sent duplicate messages, which is a violation on the expert server you’re “training” for. If you want to do pattern work, go somewhere else.

This has been said many times before. KLAX runway 25R is for DEPARTURES ONLY. In real life, the reason is that takeoff is louder than landing, so takeoffs are done on the inboard runways. It’s not fair for aircraft waiting patiently to have to wait longer for you to land when you can simply sidestep to runway 25L. Or better yet, use runway 25L to begin with.

For some reason, the entire upper half of the airport is rarely used. If you’re so eager to take off that you’ll do it without clearance, why don’t you go to the 24L/R runways which have no wait.

Finally, unless there is really strong winds to the west, runways 7L/R or 6L/R are not in use. When I’m ATC, I check Flight Radar 24 and use whatever runways are used in real life. Anyways, it it really that hard to redo just the SID of your flight plan and taxi to the other side of the airport? If you really don’t want a long taxi, just spawn back in at a gate closer to the active runways.

Finally, taxi clearance is not also a clearance to cross any runways in your path. Crossing a runway without clearance is a runway incursion. It’s that simple.

Happy flying!


I do not mean that ATC needs to use IRL procedures, I just mean that pilots on the training server, particularly at airports such as KLAX and EGLL, need to respect to the flow of traffic etc. The training server is for training, which can be done with the many community tutorials, not for trolling. I understand that these airports are prone to trolls, but many of these incidents are the result of lack of knowledge, not arrogance.


Unfortunately it’s not that difficult to get to Training Server and therefore a lot of people on there don’t know what they are doing…

In my opinion, the devs should add some sort of violation system to the Training Server, but one that is less strict than the Expert Server…


I totally agree. It’s so annoying when someone takes off without clearance or starts spamming the frequency. Training server ATCs should at least have some power over this. Maybe after a certain number of operations, etc.

And about people not knowing what they are doing, given the amount of tutorials, I would expect more. But yeah, I get what you’re saying. Hopefully people who see this topic might be a little more aware or more knowledgable.

I sometimes fly at KLAX on the Training Server and I totally understand your frustration. KLAX is the busiest airport in IF, so it’s bound to get the most people who don’t know how to behave in a flight simulator.

I personally think that there should be some sort of messaging system for ATC on the Training Server to be able to tell pilots what they did wrong

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A messaging system would be so useful. I remember one time I was descending into Dubai, but the runway usage had changed since I took off, and I couldn’t communicate to ATC that I would need to hold since I was too high for the new approach, etc. While trying to communicate, I forgot to slow down before 10,000 ft. and was given a speed violation.

Unfortunately, I think the devs might compare likley uses of this proposed system to ATIS on the expert server.

I think expecting Training server ATC, who often are just ATCing as a hobby rather than serious like IFATC, to use those irl procedures is a bit overkill, it doesnt really affect peoples gameplay… However, in terms of pilots not following instructions and ATC spamming instructions, I agree, it is annoying

Adding on from what others have mentioned above, I would strongly recommend taking a look and applying for IFATC if you enjoy the ATC aspect of the simulator. You can find more details on how to apply for IFATC and the requirements in the topic linked below:

If you do plan on becoming IFATC in the future and you are utilising the Training Server to practice and gain more experience, then I highly recommend creating an ATC Tracking Thread. ATC Tracking Threads are beneficial ways of gaining feedback and also traffic at less popular airports on the Training Server that don’t have a tendency to attract the calibre of pilots that you sometimes are experiencing. If you do decide to create an ATC Tracking Thread then I recommend using the guide linked below for assistance in setting up. I also recommend when using the ATC Tracking Thread, to stay away from the main HUB airports on the Training Server such as KLAX, EGLL, KJFK etc. as these are typically the main airports that the new players to the simulator gravitate to first:

Hope you have a good rest of your day and take care!

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It’s not an issue with ATC. If other ATCs don’t want to use IRL procedures, I’m fine with that. But when I’m ATC, I will, and people need to respect the flow of traffic regardless of realism.

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Oh right! I misunderstood and thought you meant that people acting as ATC in the training server should use irl procedures

Thanks for the insight, but I can’t apply for IFATC yet because I’m only 13. But yeah, I’ll look into ATC tracking threads.

No worries at all. If I was in your situation, whilst I wait to turn 14 I would use the ATC Tracking Thread to gain as much experience as possible as well as feedback from all different pilots to implement into your controlling.

This means that by the time you are 14 and apply for IFATC, you shouldn’t have to much difficulty with the practical test for entry since you’ve used this time before your application to further enhance your ATC knowledge.

I look forward to seeing you apart of the IFATC team in the future!

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Just created an ATC tracking thread. Thanks again for letting me know about them.

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If you actually want people to listen to your ATC, apply for IFATC and go to expert

Like I said, I’m 13. Created a tracking thread for now.

No worries at all. I look forward to seeing you join the IFATC team in the future!

I’m glad to see I’m not the only ATC who checks Flight Radar to see what runways are in use lmao.

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Hahaha. I use it when flying as well, so I don’t have to taxi too far.

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I honestly think people land on 25R because it is used often so they have a mindset to “follow the crowd”. Might as well just land on the taxiway if you will do that.

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