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I was at LAX for a really long time, there has got to be training for in order to use ATC, because the controller had no idea what they were doing. They wouldn’t let anyone take off! They would only let people land! There was quite a hold up as well. It was very frustrating :( PLEASE HELP. image image image image


Unfortunately that’s par for the course at a usually busy airport like KLAX and EHAM. It’s the Training Server. :)

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Training server. they are Training


Unfortunately this is how training server is…


Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about it and they are always learning.

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Some people unfortunately do it to troll people and make their flight more difficult that’s the way it is, it’s frustrating.


Sometimes that happens to me. I’d be doing Departure, and just be lounging waiting for a takeoff. You’d know if I’m doing tower if I don’t even acknowledge spammers, and answer to those who contacted first.

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Come to the expert server. The only ATC that an operate on expert is IFATC and we undergo rigorous training and testing before we can join iFATC. Once a member we are subject to ongoing supervision.


yeah! i totally see your point, i was just fed up. thank you

If there are those kind of people on the server, then I just take my sweet time to line up with the runway, even if someone is coming, check all the instruments, then get a nice looong, smoooth, departure. I don’t let trolls ruin my IF experience, I ruin their trolling.😏

Hope this doesn’t happen to you again. 😉


If this is what they’re doing, I’d just not care and I’d just takeoff on my own whether or not they like it.

After all, it’s their fault for not letting people takeoff…

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good point. thanks

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Unfortunately that’s just how it is

That’s a holdup? There are only a few planes there. It can be very stressfull trying to find time to depart people. In every session I control I can guarantee that many pilots will meander into the runway like they are in a snail race, then sit there for a good while before executing their take off roll. Lord only knows what they are doing, I think they are applying their lipstick ready for take off. It causes go-around and makes me want to enter my screen and shake the pilot. Think it would be much easier if everyone just got on with it and took off. Wishful thinking.

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I understand this. That is why I ATC on the Training Server. If my tracking thread is open why not fly out of that airport.

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