KLAX to KSMF Coastal Route

A morning flight with the B737-700 from KLAX 25L to KSMF 35R. I had previously flown the other way, but inland via Fresno, so wanted a chance to check out the coastal scenes from FL29.

Basic route was inland first over Santa Monica, then north east of Santa Barbara, then tracking the coastal mountains between San Luis and Monterey. The descent was over San Jose, Oakland and Concord before turning right south of Travis A for the approach.

A great mix of interesting scenery on an enjoyable route! Solo only for me so far, so the skies were quiet 😉

  1. Climb out

  1. Climbing Turn North towards Santa Monica

  1. Turning to track up the coast near Santa Barbara

  1. Near King City

  1. Monterey Bay

  1. Descending over San Jose

  1. Inland from Oakland

  1. Right turn over Concord

  1. Approach course, Travis AFB at the bottom

  1. Final, cleared to land

Thanks for taking a look and for any responses 😊…

mcgregni / ZK-MCG


I think you forgot to turn something on. lol.

Nice photos. It looks like a good flight.


Hmmm, let me think… Engines, they were definitely on I’m sure… 🤔


Landing lights looks like. At least you were in solo ;)
Nice photos!

Landing lights, yes! For taking off 😊… It was quite bright enough, I could see the runway just fine 😉 lol. I forgot to put them on for the landing as well 🙄

Great Photos! Makes the west coast look like a dream land

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I remember this one one of my favorite routes back before i had Pro. It brings back memories! Great photo btw :)

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Thanks, I’m always more motivated to make flights where there’s some great views… We’re spoilt with most of California for free

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Great shots! The California Coast is a beautiful place to fly with the Pacific on one side and beautiful mountains on the other.

He forgot to turn on landing lights lol