Today I flew from LA to int to San Jose int with southwest if you are asking, no I won’t do a return flight because the views will be the same.
Airline and airplane: Southwest B737 Illinois one livery. I refer to t as “ The eagle”
Time: Day (for once)
Duration: 45 min

The eagle flaps it’s wings and lifts off

Cruising over 30.000 ft with mountains and the sea in sight

The eagle resting snugly in its nest. No seriously that is snug.

Did you like the narrative voice or dislike it? Hope you enjoyed the photos and please suggest routes for me to do I ran out, if you will can you suggest them in the default regions thank you.


If you’re looking for another route within the state of California, i’d suggest SNA-OAK with the same aircraft

I’m not looking for routes Worthing the state just anywhere in regions

One that could even be done in a Cessna

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