KLAX to KSFO Trip Report

Today I flew with United from KLAX to KSFO in First class and here is the report.


V1, Rotate!

During drink service I got Coca Cola and this view

Final approach!

A nice view from a plane spotter

Overall I would give this flight a 7.5/10 because there seats were a little small but overall it was a great flight and the crew were nice.


Wing views are amazing :D

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Thanks just edited!

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Nice photos, you must be really powerful to change seats after pushback!

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They bumped me from economy to first.πŸ˜‚

Hello there @Aviatorwyatt ! nice photos. But unfortunately you are only allowed 1 #screenshots-and-videos post every 24 hours. 4 hours ago you posted River visual

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Other than that, all I can say about these photos is sheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeesh

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Oops I won’t post tomorrow then.😬

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