KLAX Teminal 1 Gate 9 Pushback

In curiosity, how to aircrafts parked at Terminal 1 Gate 9 are pushed back irl?

By making 180 degrees turn after moving back a bit?
Or pushback all way to the main taxi area?
Or how?


All the way to the main taxiway. I have seen this many times.

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I see thanks!

Based off of what @Skismd said, You would have to push backwards all the way to the main taixway.
It is kinda of like KSAN when you are in Terminal 2 with American or Alaska Airlines, Gates 23 and 25 for example. the ground crew would push all the way back to the main taxiway.

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Actually Southwest often turns their planes around half way too. I think it depends on how comfortable the pushback driver is.


I see, thanks

Most the time all the way back, the use of an aircraft other than southwest triggers me

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