KLAX Runways

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I landed at KLAX this evening (Paris time) and I was suprised to see this when I was making my flight plan:

Why are all the planes landing on a “red” runway (ie. Not against wind)? Does this often happen in ATC Playground? I have already seen one or two planes doing this at KSAN but never at KLAX…

By the way, is it a violation to land on a red marked runway?


seen it quite a few times. Mostly they let planes on final finish the approach and switch the runways after.

Oh ok…but why are planes taking-off from 24L/R? (There is no traffic inbound on these runways…)

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These guys are right!

It might of been that It was too much fuss/would be too chaotic to immediately transfer aircraft to another runway after a wind shift.


The Tailwind was not too excessive and therefore didn’t impact operations to the extent that the controller felt that they should swap the runways in use.

Perhaps even a combination of both

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@AF330 … Wait for it Roy… Here it comes it the “10k Cross/Quartering Wind Rule”… Got that… LOL… MAX Sends

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Thanks for your answers,

I was this time landing at KSAN. I was about to land RWY 27, intercepting LOC when ATC cleared me RWY 09! I then requested a runway change (both runways were green) but he didn’t want to. So I flew towards RWY 09…(but some planes were still landing runway 27). When I was about to land on 09, I heard: AF226 Heavy, number 2, cleared to land runway 27…

I was quite angry and I left the server! 😅

KSAN turns into a mess when both runways can be used. Just go with the flow meaning, if People use 27 for takeoff, then use 27 for landing. I’ve practiced some Approach ATC and you aren’t doing the controllers a favour when traffic is coming in from two directions :)

Do you have to pay to fly with other people?

yes. Monthly subscription 5 Dollars, yearly 48