KLAX Runway 24L Issue

Hi Everyone,

I was taking off on Runway 24L at KLAX. Every time I try to take off, at a certain point on the runway, my aircraft falls through the ground. It’s at the same point every time. I’ve cleared the cache, restarted the app and it still occurs.

It’s at Exactly this point in the runway that my plane starts to fall through the ground.

I’ve got a 2018 iPad 9.7 inch running iOS 12.1.4.


Are you connected to secure Wifi? VPNs never work, so check that.

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I’ve got a strong WiFi connection, and I don’t have a VPN.

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Contact a mod maybe?

Restart your device

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He already did :)

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He also did that :)

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Go into settings and clear the scenery cache that should solve your issue.

Even though I’ve already done it, I’ll do it again

He should mention this on the initial post then

Reinstall the app?

You said app, I said device

He’s done that.

The thing is that this issue is specific to the OP. This isn’t an issue that a mass majority are facing. Go through the regular steps of

1.) Clearing Scenery Cache (Settings > General > Clear Scenery Cache (can be found at the bottom of the General-section))
2.) Restarting IF
3.) Reinstalling IF

Remain in contact with us as you do these things. Trust me, what people are saying here has worked with others who have had similar issues. If it was a mass majority issue it would be an issue for the support staff to look into… But it’s individual at this moment.



Restarting the app, device and clearing the cache again worked. Thanks for the help everyone!


Nope. Don’t flag this post as mods will generally come to them anyways… No need to get their attention if there is no immediate cause or threat especially if they are dealing with more important issues right now


I was landing, and saw that happen than you disappeared, hope everything gets worked out soon

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