KLAX Report

I got reported for following my FP after told to go for ILS RW 24R. Did not catch the controllers name. Now I have to wait a week to use expert again. 😟
Did I legit do something wrong? I didn’t think so. Please help!

Check log book and see who the controller was and PM them. If you dont know where do find him/her ill tag him for you


Adam Macaulay

@Adam_Macaulay is your guy! Send him a PM.

@Will_A you beat me to it 😉

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Just a tip: If you are given instructions by a controller, you should follow them. Even if you go away from your original flight plan.


Review your own replay first before making the controller tell you something you may already know. Look for the runway assigned, missed vectors and what led up to your ghost.

As you can imagine, it’s not very fun to finish controlling for hours only to be left with “admin duties” trying to explain why individuals were ghosted when they may be able to resolve it on their own. Your initial topic makes it pretty clear that you’re aware of why you were ghosted and what went wrong. Have a watch before contacting the controller!