KLAX markings over grass

This is the North side of runway 07L/25R. I don’t think it is right. Given how busy KLAX is, it might have been reported and fixed already. If so, sorry.

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This is the roadway. There is a lot of work goes into making these airports. I drew this airport and have not got round to augmenting the pavement for the roadways. I am still fixing many of the taxiways for the airplanes. In my opinion the roadways are a lower priority. Sorry to disappoint. :( Maybe @Swang007 will get it done soon for ya

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Current project - Rewrite of PHNL. Todays work - a mere 10 hrs



I appreciate the amount of work the airport team does, and I would agree roadways aren’t important. I try to check, but was having trouble pulling up Infinite Tracker and seeing the Google Image for what was actually there IRL. Sorry.

Roadway passing through void

Added some asphalt pavement underneath


Now Mr @Swang007 your turn to finally finish this monolith ;p

Will there be an update for these kinds of fixes soon?

Very good question. We should seek answers from @carmalonso

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i hope so, looks brilliant!

Pffft if I ever get the time

How do you manage to dedicate so much time and effort into airport editing? Don’t you have to take a little breather?

Amazing job:)

Those green and blue dots are taxilights?

Yes they are taxi lights

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Latest from Project PHNL rework

PHNL nearing completion:

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Stuff like this looks so easy. But yet you’d realize that it’s so hard. Keep up the good work dude! 🙂✈️