KLAX-LFPG Last Night

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So last night I flew with a few friends inside my VA, I got a lot of pics. Please ignore the buttons in the first few 😭

KLAX (Los Angeles) - LFPG (Paris CDG) T/S 11h04M Air France B772

Lifting off from 24L

A lil passenger view :)

again, it was a great shot I couldn’t not take it :/

Short final to LFPG

another passenger view, am i the only one who likes this view?

my replay didnt show the runway lines for some reason, still cool tho

thanks for viewing :)


Hey there, awesome photos on what looks like a fun flight! However, per the category rules you’re going to need to edit the HUD and buttons out of a couple of the photos


Nice pics! I love this route. 😀

Just make sure you aim for the 1000 footers on a normal landing. 🙂

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That first pic is beautiful

Did you touch down before the runway?

That doesn’t look like a glitch. It looks more like you landed on the threshold…


Those are great pics man!! 😍😍
Hope you had a good flight!!!

no, the replay didnt load the lines :(

Ok you can believe that

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Really cool pictures of the new B777. The Air France livery looks just great! Thanks for sharing!

Had the same issue recently. Loaded back in after some tries.

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