KLAX-KSFO The American Airlines West Coast Shuttle

1) Background to the photos
Today me and @Mr_Young put together a short group flight from Los Angeles to San Francisco. The aircraft were all American Airlines 737-800’s in multiple different liveries.
2) Detailed Flight Information including servers, time, route
The event was help on the training server and the flight was from KLAX to KSFO the cruise was at FL300
3) Photos

Parallel Landing runways 28L and 28R

At the gates in KLAX preparing for our flight

American Airlines 737-800 classic crome taking off

American Airlines 737-800 Astrojet Rotating

Landing 28R at SFO

Engine close up

American Airlines Classic Chrome Winglet


Great photos! Glad to see my favourite AA livery of all time: AA B738 Astrojet 😍

@anon71974898 there were two astrojets me and @Deltadev13

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The more the merrier 😬 THE BEST Livery AA has ever had, my opinion of course.